A Digital Free Hand painting tour in Herzlyia Interdisciplinary Center

I have recently visited the Interdisciplinary Center campus in Herzlyia. While wandering between the campus buildings I didn’t stop documenting what I saw with my digital pen and Smartphone.

The Interdisciplinary center is located in a big Eucalyptus grove which served to hide military air defense equipment until late 1990’s. Today the trees hide professionally  renovated and preserved beautiful old British military barracks. The serve the president and top administration. Their presence among big modern buildings which were designed by leading architects create  a wonderful feeling of moving forward to bright future while remembering the foundations and past. This feeling is further enhanced by the unique archaeological garden  located between the buildings. The multitude of patches of shadow and light created by the Eucalyptus trees makes the campus an ideal sketching location.

While sketching in the lovely ” Carnaf ” café in the  center I could also hear students speaking in English, Russian, Spanish as well as in Chinese and Japanese.

This post will focus on the ” near the ground ” campus. In my next visit I’ll focus on the ” above the top of the trees  ” campus.

Since the Interdisciplinary Center and its students are strongly connected to the city cultural and daily life, I recommend the readers of this post to open my book ” City in Line and Color – a painting journey along the length and breadth of Herzlyia ” by clicking here. The book has been adopted by Herzlyia municipality and distributed free of charge to the citizens.

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