Haifa – Living in a Painting

A drawing journey across the width and length of the city of Haifa and the Carmel

Haifa is one of the most beautiful cities in Israel. Half of it is built on Mount Carmel and half along the largest gulf in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Great Britain chose Haifa as the main harbor of the British Empire in the Middle East and planned its foundations accordingly. Theodore Ze’ev Herzl designated Haifa to be the capital of the future Jewish state.

The city where Jews and Arabs live together in harmony has become a leader in industry and education. Three of the researchers at the Technion – the Israel Institute of Technology – won the Nobel Prizes for Chemistry and Medicine. Haifa is also the world center of the Bahai movement with its spectacular gardens which cover the slopes of Mount Carmel.

The book presented here includes about 70 paintings of Haifa that accompany the history of the city and the character of its residents from the early days of the German Templar neighborhood in the nineteenth century to the present day. The book also includes illustrations from the villages of the Druze community near Haifa on Mount Carmel.

My thanks go to Yossi Ben Dov, general manager of Reali School in Haifa, for his advices on choosing locations of some painting tours so that the book could be used as a gift for outstanding students at the 12th grade graduation ceremonies.


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