A Digital Free Hand painting journey in Acre – Part 1

Last week I had an opportunity to  tour  some magnificent sites in the ancient center of Acre.  In this post I would like to share with you my excitement of this  amazing city. I was particularly impressed by the way the Crusaders and Ottoman impacts are revealed. Today I’ll focus the attention to the Ottoman layer where the daily life is running.

My tour of Acre started from the old lighthouse which stands on a section of the old city wall. This wall is famous due to its role in the historical defeat of Napoleon by the Ottomans. Although looking neglected, I liked very much the lighthouse  black and white checker board appearance. In front of the lighthouse is standing an impressive Ottoman building which serves the “Baha’i” community of Acre. Next to it is located another  Ottoman building which currently serves as a daily activity  center for elder people. I pulled my Smartphone from my pocket and sketched.

Next  I walked along the  city stone wall and climbed steep ancient stairs which led to ” Donaanna ” oriental fish and Kebab restaurant. Since it is located on the highest part of the wall I could enjoy the best view of old Acre. The turquoise Ottoman mosques, red Christian churches and the blue sea provided a magnificent color festival. I ended the tour in the small but colorful ancient  Arab market.

In this pleasant journey of Acre I saw a mixed population of Muslims, Jews and Christians living  in harmony and enjoying its many tourists.

I plan to  return soon to Acre with my studio in my shirt pocket.



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