Acre - A color festival of turquoise, green and blue: minarets, churches towers and the sea

Acre is an beautiful historical city on the Mediterranean sea.  Walking through Acre streets and around its fortified walls provides a tour of an amazing major 1000 year old Crusaders city. It also provides  a tour of a 500 year old Arabic and Ottoman city with its beautiful mosques and monuments. Acre had an important role in the efforts to end the British mandate and establish the state of Israel.

Acre is a color festival of turquoise, red and blue: Minarets, roofs of Christian churches and the sea. The Crusaders buildings and tunnel add a dark brown. It is also a fish and oriental food festival.

This album is a collection of Digital Free Hand (DFH) drawings  on my smartphone display produced while walking through Acre streets and alleys in several tours. I hope That I managed  to capture the colors and atmosphere of this amazing city.

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