Haifa - beautiful, multifaceted and industrial

Haifa album presents over sixty Digital Free Hand (DFH) paintings of the city of Haifa and the Carmel mountain. While walking throughout the beautiful city with my digital pen and my Smartphone  ready for sketching I discovered an amazing historical urban and cultural development. I tried to document the beauty of the city and its multicultural life in view that history. I hope that  I  have  successfully shared with you my joy and excitement during my digital journeys through the major industrial and scientific center of Israel, namely Haifa.

The album starts with DFH paintings of suburbs located close to the sea. It starts in the German colony which was founded by German “Templers” in the nineteen century. Next we proceed to see the beautiful buildings in the Arab quarters built in the Ottoman era and the harbor. This entire renovated area as well as the Bahai’s gardens are magnificent. From there we move to Hadar quarter built in the British mandate era. We than continue to modern Haifa, mount Carmel and the Druze villages Usefiya and Daliat el Carmel .

For a more comprehensive presentation of Haifa Digital Free Hand drawings I recommend to open the book “A City in Line and Color – A painting journey across the length and breadth of Haifa” by pressing here. The book has been adopted by the leading high school in Haifa namely the “Reali” school.

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