A Digital Free Hand painting tour in Jerusalem old city

One of my exiting Digital Free Hand painting tours took place at noon on a hot summer day in Jerusalem old city, namely in the ancient Jewish quarter. I entered the quarter through the  Mughrabi gate located in the southern section of the Ottoman  city wall. On my right I could see the El Aqtsa mosque and the southern  wall of the Temple Mount. I couldn’t avoid painting both sites on my smartphone screen. After some fifty meters I stood in front of the huge and impressive wailing wall with its gigantic stones.  The reflection of the  light from the large plaza white stones enhanced the burning sun effect. Nevertheless prayers stood near wall as well as in the old underground Roman street which serves now as a synagogue.   While crossing the quarter I had an opportunity to see hundreds of young people as well as tourists wandering between the shops, cafe, and beautiful buildings. My visit in the “Ha Hurva” synagogue provided a strong  emotional experience. The synagogue was completely destroyed by the Jordanian army in 1948. It was beautifully renovated some ten years ago. I saw a group of “Yeshiva” students learning with their Rabbi in the central hall. From the beautiful balcony I could see the temple of the mount and the many domed roofs in the Moslem quarter. I hope that the attached  free hand digital drawings on my smartphone successfully conveys my deep love and impression of the old Jewish quarter in Jerusalem.

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