Weizmann Institute of Science – Living in a Picture

The current post summarizes the third illustration tour on my smart phone screen ( Samsung Note 20 ) in the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot. All paintings are free hand from direct view ( no photographs ) .This time I started the tour at the home of the first president, Dr. Chaim Weizmann. The house is beautifully preserved. From the first moment the architecture reveals Weizmann’s longing for the British culture in which he grew up. However, the kitchen of Vera and Chaim Weizmann discloses the fact that the warm and mosquito-ridden Land of Israel is not the pleasant England. I particularly focused on the illustration of the kitchen, which is very similar to the kitchen of Paula and David Ben-Gurion in their small house in Sdeh Boker (see the post about an illustration journey in Yeruham and the Negev Plateau).From there I continued to the impressive sun tower and the surroundings of the physics building which brought me back to the old days when I did my doctorate in physics in the same building. However, time did not stand still and the building expanded, its surroundings became even more attractive and the laboratories remained of course at the forefront of science. I was inspired by the entrance of the building which displays the basic equations of physics and by the quantum microscope based on super conductivity which was designed and built by Dr. Aviram Uri and Prof. Eli Zaldov from the Department of Condensed Matter.

Later, I painted a spectacular view from a room next to the laboratory of the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Prof. Ada Yonat, on the fourth floor of a beautiful building whose windows reflect the image of a blue sky and a large decades-old tree.

Later I illustrated the  Stone administration building and the ancient  trees avenue which is close to the north gate of the institute.

For an experiential tour in tune and color in the Weizmann Institute, please also open the YouTube video attached here from the “Cities of Israel – Living inside a Picture” series.

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