Eilat – living inside a picture


The current post summarizes a sketching tour along the length and breadth of Eilat. From the moment I arrived to Eilat, I pulled my smartphone out of my pocket and did not stop illustrating the city on its screen from a direct look for four days long. While sketching Eilat, the heat (34 degrees) is not considered a problem even in the sun

The beauty of Eilat stems first and foremost from the spectacular encounter of the Red Sea and the Negev desert. The deep blue color of the  sea (different from the Mediterranean) and the yellow / black / reddish colors of the  Eilat mountains form a spectacular background for the white hotel buildings, the beautiful beaches, the ships and the palm trees in the city. Beyond the feeling of a relaxing and colorful vacation in Eilat,  a vision warms the heart – a great future based on the marine and desert sciences, on ecology and technology. The spectacular growth of Eilat since the old days of the mythologic blue and white ink flag and the tiny airport in the heart of the city  inspired me from the first moment. The city growth is nicely displayed in the Eilat City Museum. Preservation of the past is highly professional.

This time I was content with thirty illustrations that I drew on tours of the underwater observatory park, Amram pillars, Ramon airport, malls and especially the ice skating  Ice-Mall as well as the wonderful relaxing beaches.

For an experiential tour in sound and color of Eilat, please open the attached YouTube video which is taken from my You Tube channel
“Cities of Israel – Living Inside a Painting”.



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