Ancient Towers in the Holy Land – Part I

Prior to modern times in which urban skyline is dominated by skyscrapers, much lower towers dominated the skyline and had a much deeper significance. From very ancient times, towers in the Holy Land generally signaled political power dominance or religious dominance . The oldest towers in Israel date from the 4 th century when some seventy churches and monasteries were  built by Helena, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine. Additional very impressive towers were built in the nineteen century in Jerusalem and many other sites by European countries  seeking to establish colonial presence in an area which belonged to the sinking Ottoman empire. This post takes us to Free Hand Digital painting journeys between the towers of Jerusalem, Acre, Jaffa and other sites.

A second group of towers are the minarets of the mosques which form an integral  part of the beautiful urban landscape of the Holy Land.  Our painting journey will take us to the many impressive minarets in Jaffa , Jerusalem , Beer Sheba and other locations.

We shall also encounter much fewer Jewish towers. Historic towers built by Jews have generally no religious significance and served practical purposes. Nevertheless , some are very beautiful.

There is so much to paint and say about Holy Land towers that We shall split this post into two parts.

I hope you enjoy this Digital Free Hand painting tour.

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