The old railway from Jaffa to Jerusalem – Part I

I have recently started the production of a new Digital Free hand paintings album intended to present the modern history of the holy land in Line and Color as viewed from its railways network. We’ll travel on the Ottoman railway connecting Haifa to Damascus and Arabia and recently rebuilt as a modern line. We’ll follow the Ottoman and British railway network aimed at supporting military efforts in world wars I and II. We’ll also paint the vast modern Israeli railway network. In this post we’ll start our DFH journey in the beautiful British railways stations of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – Yafo. They served the Jerusalem – Tel Aviv line developed by the British authorities in the Palestine mandate after world war I.

The old Tel Aviv  station currently serves as a big shopping and entertainment area. The beautiful ancient buildings have been renovated and serve as cafe or shops. Thousands of tourists and local residents add to a joyful atmosphere. The preserved old trains tell the history of the location and its significance to Israel history. Needless to say that the modern Tel Aviv – Jerusalem line is not connected in any way to the old station. We’ll have a special post dedicated to the impressive modern Jerusalem station and line.

The other end of the line, the Jerusalem old railways station  has also been transformed into a beautiful and professionally renovated entertainment and shopping center. It is located in the old German colony and a walking distance from the old city.

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