Tel Aviv Decorated Yellow

Construction sites are generally far from being considered artistically beautiful. However, in my opinion, the tall yellow cranes found all across Tel Aviv and Jerusalem serve as a beautiful decoration of their  skylines. This is true as long as the buildings under construction are in early growing state.  Once the buildings are high their contribution to the beauty of the skyline become negative.

The first skyscraper appeared in Tel Aviv in the 1960s. Massive building of skyscrapers started in the 1990s which transformed the tall yellow cranes into an integral part of the urban landscape. For some reasons all cranes are painted yellow. The reason may be the fact that yellow is a complimentary color of blue, the color of the sky. Today one can find close to 6-7 yellow cranes aligned along a single block.

In addition to cranes, all bulldozers in construction sites are also yellow. Bulldozers of all sizes can be seen in large quantities in many streets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I like to draw tractors and bulldozers at work. They are fascinating with their strength and shapes and the yellow. They impressively blend with the modern deep foundation floor some 5-6 floors deep under the ground level. I enjoy drawing these as well.

Another inspiring sites for Digital Free Hand drawing on my smartphone screen are buildings being demolished with an intention to replace them with a much nicer and better one. When destruction is followed by construction the entire scenario may make you happy.

In this this post  I try to share with you through digital free hand drawings  on my smartphone screen some of my impressions of the beauty of yellow cranes and bulldozers which I admit can be very provisional.

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