Tel Aviv “Habima” Square

“Habima” square is one of the largest and crowded squares in Tel Aviv. It is named after the national Israeli theater “Habima” which is located on the square. “Habima” theater  was founded over 100 years ago and was the first theater which used Hebrew as its official language. “Habima” was a key player in founding the new Zionist culture in Tel Aviv. The beautiful historic building has recently been expanded and transformed into an impressive  modern site. The whitish marble square  strongly reflects the sun light, which provides a sense of the desert colors of the country and beautifully blends with the colors of the city Bauhaus buildings.  On its other side we can find the big “Charles Bronfman” concert hall which regularly serves the Israeli philharmonic orchestra. The beautiful plaza is surrounded by many coffee houses. I often sip a coffee on “Hatzi Nehama”  balcony among young students and artists with their laptops open. “Habima” square is connected to the Rothschild boulevard and together form  a unique combination which many times inspired me to paint them on my smartphone screen with a digital pen.

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