Tel Aviv and Jaffa

National rebirth and cultural prosperity

For me, Tel Aviv – Jaffa is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It represents in its full glory the creative and tolerant culture. It has a warm connection between Hebrew revival and a future bearing a universal character, combining Islamic, Ottoman. international and Bauhaus architectural styles (Tel Aviv – “the White City”, is a UNESCO Bauhaus heritage site), eclectic East European architecture as well as ultra-modern styles. It includes old and neglected houses that serve as homes for businesses and a very advanced high-tech culture, countless trees and gardens, science centers, advanced hi-tech industrial centers, museums, art schools, theaters, a beach and a promenade that are far beyond most of the desirable beaches I have seen in Europe. It has magnificent restaurants and coffee shops. It is indeed a city that never stops. It is a celebration for the eyes and the soul.

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